Higgs Researchers Obsessed More than Visualizing a Optimistic End result

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The recent discovery of the Higgs particle -- the "God" particle -- will go down in the history of science as one of the greatest discoveries ever made.
But what was discovered, exactly? Was it a discovery of a "particle" that grants mass to other elements of matter, or was it the discovery that thousands of scientists focusing on a large data set of seemingly random events can successfully skew the results of the data into a 5-sigma level of apparent statistical significance?

In other words, was the casque beats discovery actually the greatest intention experiment ever conducted? This is not a casual question. It reaches into the very nature of science itself and begs the question: Can human-run science ever truly be conducted independent from an observer?
The answer, of course, is no. The subsequent question then becomes critical: Do observers alter the outcomes of scientific experiments even without any intention of doing so?

The very thought that observers may have altered the outcome of the Higgs experiment might at first seem outlandish to scientists who have been monitoring the hunt for the Higgs website They almost universally believe that the machines running the literally trillions of subatomic collisions operate independently from any conscious observers.
The intention of the scientists watching the experiment cannot affect the outcome of the experiment, they insist. But that assumption may be fundamentally incorrect for the simple reason that all known scientific knowledge has been gathered under a critical selection bias...

the "consciousness" bias.
The consciousness of intelligent, self-aware observers may actually shift the results of seemingly "random" events into the direction imagined or visualized by the conscious observers -- even without their intending to alter the data. There is evidence that this phenomenon is, in fact, quite real, making it one of the "spooky" realities of our mysterious cosmos.

The search for the Higgs particle, notably, was conducted over a period of many years, involving trillions of "random" events, using a statistical analysis method to try to spot aberrations that might be consistent with the behavior of the top-monsterbeats.com particle.

But the part of this experiment which has been completely ignored by virtually everyone -- including the mainstream media -- is that the search for Higgs involved tens of thousands of conscious beings (scientists) who were intently focused on creating a positive outcome.
They wanted the Higgs to be found. They wished for it intently, obsessively, and incessantly. They visualized it, spoke about it, and many even put their careers on the line in the hopes of finding it. In effect, Higgs scientists engaged in determined visualization and "intention" activities which are now being shown by other researchers (see below) to have the ability to slightly alter the outcomes of large sets of apparently random events.

Although it seems unlikely that the power of intention -- even if proven true -- could shift a data set into 5-sigma territory, what if it could shift data by just one standard deviation? If so, that would reduce the Higgs "discovery" to a 4-sigma statistical anomaly, thereby revoking its "discovery" status altogether (a 5-sigma level of statistical certainty is the current requirement for "discovery" status in the sciences).

If the intention of the CERN scientists interfered with the data in any way, then it would drastically shift this "discovery" from the realm of physics to that of metaphysics. Perhaps the experimental results that appear to show behavior "consistent with the Higgs particle," as CERN has announced, is no more than scientific proof that the power of intention can quite literally alter large data sets and nudge them in the direction of the desired outcome.

CERN may not have discovered a new particle, it turns out, but may have inadvertently proven the power of mind-matter interaction.

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