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Nuns Support Their Crew by Salvatore Ferragamo Wallets Outlet Wearing San Antonio Tottenham Jerseys over Behavior | Bleacher Report
The San Antonio Spurs may be getting some help from above as they look to win their fifth NBA world-class since 1999.
Groups want all of the help that they can get, consequently San Antonio should be thrilled when it sees an image like this posted on Facebook during the 2014 NBA Finals.
On Tuesday night, St. James the Apostle Catholic College posted the above photo of nuns wearing Tottenham hotspurs jerseys over their habits along with a prayer: Tottenham hotspurs PRAYER:
Heavenly Father, all of us ask your special benefits on the Spurs, Instructor Pop, and all their particular coaches. May your Spurs always participate in and continue to be the Best they are often. May they directed in integrity, value, fortitude, courage, non-abusive and clean in their enjoy. May they all, including their coaches, continue to be equal in spirit, even if there are hard and difficult moments in the game. Protect them on the kind of harm. Might they always remember that they certainly well with The lord's help. May they will always play their utmost and know they have the support coming from all their fans wether they win or lose. We question the Blessed Mommy to help them and in Jesus' name ask God's blessing WIN or LOSE. Amen
Written by- Sister Kathy Keane, FMA
Pass this on!! Go Spurs Move!!! In the Spurs' two victories in the series, Manu Ginobili (07 points and 14 assists in Video game 1) and Kawhi Leonard (Twenty nine points in Video game 3) have had large games. Notice which jerseys are being used in the picture.
Good luck, Miami.

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