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A law office is a corporate entity with a primary function of providing lawyers with a place to practice law. It is a common practice for law firms to have a law office to deliver their legal services which extend to individual clients or corporations to assist with their legal rights and obligations. They also render their service to assist and advice clients of their legal responsibilities and to corporations with their corporate social responsibility. They also facilitate business transactions, case proceedings of civil, corporate or criminal cases. Just like any other office, a law office has basic functionalities of marketing, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, conflict management, and office services. The purpose of a law office is also to provide a physical or online assistance to its clients in terms of what course of action does the client need to take and provide the client with alternative courses.

Hence a well designed, professional legal service business is imperative for developing effective client relationships. It not only boosts credibility but also serves as a crucial factor for effective sales environment. This is because a well designed law office will not only increase the productivity of the management but also facilitate effective service delivery. It should also be located at locations with easy access to web click site the please following clients and sufficient waiting area.

With more complications in the legislative procedures and dynamic customer demand, it is becoming difficult for law firms to maintain their competitive situation as an increased focus on marketing efforts has driven the core service of lawyers less valuable. Hence the consumers are imposing greater pressures on the lawyers in terms of rates and squeezing the profits which means lawyers need to put in not only greater marketing efforts in terms of offering competitive rates, increase promotional packages and activities but also out in greater efforts in managing their law firms so that they can focus on the core elements of their service.

But Lubna K. Jahangiri is one of the most successful lawyers of California who has maintained the standard of service delivery and developed a business model facilitating relationship building with her clients. Her success is owed to the belief she has in giving direct and personal services to her clients. The business thus operates on referrals and repeated business by the satisfied clients. Hence she has maintained a small firm, rendering tailored, professional services to her clients to meet their specific corporate needs in a cost effective and responsive manner. She has specialised in a variety of legal issues offering legal solutions to a range of problems pertaining to partnerships, real estate, employment, shareholder and equity, bankruptcy, and all other commercial transactions. In a highly litigated area of San Fransico East Bay, Lubna K. Jahangiri can offer you the best legal solutions.

As a commercial real estate lawyer, she can act your legal and financial representative to handle your mortgage and loan work as well as financial planning or ensure that your legal rights are not abducted and that you are subject to the liabilities to which you have accepted.

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